Virtual movie theater with GOOVIS headset

Tougher measures to prevent the development of the Covid-19 epidemic have led to the banning of cinemas and major entertainment centers. However, you can save yourself from boredom during the period of forced self-isolation with a device developed by GOOVIS, which specializes in high-tech products related to virtual reality technologies.

The GOOVIS Young headset offered on the kickstarter crowdfunding platform will allow you to create a personal cinema in a virtual space with an imitation of watching a movie on the screen, the diagonal of which will correspond to 800 inches (over 20 meters). In virtual space, the distance between the viewer and the screen “reaches” 22 meters.

Paired AMOLED displays with a resolution of 1920×1080 realize a maximum resolution of 3840×1080, with a pixel density of 3147 ppi. The image contrast is 100000:1, the image has high detail and color reproduction. Not forgotten are people with visual defects, for which there is an optical adjustment for each eye separately with an accuracy of 0.33 d. This will not only allow you to view videos comfortably, but also avoid rapid fatigue and pain in the eyes.

The use of the GOOVIS Young device provides for long-term operation, which will allow you to view TV series and many-hour shows in self-isolation mode. In addition, the headset supports the function of controlling the drone in the first person, which will allow you to take virtual walks without leaving your home.

The weight of the device is 200 grams, convenient fixation is provided by a special plate with a soft lining attached to the forehead. The interior of the headset is ventilated, which eliminates fogging of screens, and the lenses are covered with a water-repellent material using nanotechnology.

Dimensions of the GOOVIS Young headset (185*109*56) practically do not differ from standard points for skiing. The presence of a USB-C connector and Lightning and HDMI adapters will allow you to connect GOOVIS Young to a huge number of external devices: smartphones, tablets and laptops. You can also work with gaming consoles, robots and drones, and Blu-Ray players. The price of the device for pre-order will be $ 700, and deliveries of the headset in white and black color versions will begin in may.