ABBYY Comparator – comparing text documents

The convenient ABBYY Comparator program has long been in high demand in the corporate environment. According to statistics, more than 60% of office workers in different areas use this app for work.

Any discrepancy between two copies of the same document may negatively affect the company’s work. This is why the app is considered one of the main ones for business.

Advantages of ABBYY Comparator

The survey shows that the software is regularly used by lawyers, financiers, accountants and employees of sales departments.

The following features are most often used:

  • Comparing a paper copy with an electronic one;
  • Check for inconsistencies between two MS Word or PDF documents with Word data;
  • Photos of business papers with their electronic version (regardless of the format).

In addition, the software successfully recognizes files in .rtf, odt, txt, html, and other formats. Using ABBYY Comparator significantly reduces the financial risks that banks or other companies may face when entering into contracts, since employees often have to manually perform line-by-line verification of the correspondence of two documents.

It is very easy to start working with the program, since it has an intuitive interface and does not require special training. To compare two files by simply dragging them with the mouse in the workspace.

During verification, the app detects any changes, deletions, or additions to the original text, highlights these fragments, and displays them in a separate panel. In the future, the user can create a report with comments based on this data.