Music an art

What do you understand by music? Music is a form of art. In which people express their idea and emotion. In a simple way, music includes many common things like pitch, rhythm, dynamics, and melody, harmony, and color. And music is the art of playing by many instruments like piano, guitar, drum or violin. And it is also expressed by the singing and voice of people. Music work comes from a Greek word mouse, which means the art of muses.


 Music is different types like some playing in videos, some playing in the movie, and some are playing in a fashion show and many kinds of music playing with dance and background of series, serials, and scenes of videos. They are many definitions of music like music is an art, and it plays with the art of emotion, it expresses by many ways such as some are play in a sad way and some play in a happy way but in simple way music play with emotion and by the art of rhythm or instrument.

Why we need music and why it’s important for us?

Music plays a vital role in human life. Nowadays we need a stress free life in a busy schedule but due to excess of work, our mind stops thinking and we need some relaxation so we need music why we need music? Because music refreshes our mind and we can focus our mind on target. Music relaxes our minds with their peaceful sound, and by music people express their emotions, and some people consider music as a way to escape the pain of life.

It gives us relief and free from stress, for removing stress from mind and feels relax. Music can make us happy. Music is also important for us because it plays a vital role in a human’s busy life. It maintains their mind and it keeps away from depression. But play an important role in many ways like some entertainment ways and fashion music mp3 download possible

How we can use music in many ways?

They are many types of music but from those backgrounds, music is the best music. First, we can see the type of background music like fashion show music, it is a type of music that plays in the background of the catwalk, fashion week, and modeling. These types of music play a vital role in judges’ and audiences mind, It makes a great impact on everyone who watches them. Fashion music mp3 download plays an important part in this type of shows.