Professional marketing as a guarantee of success

Professional marketing is a tool for business development and growth. In turn, Amateur self-marketing-a factor that significantly slows down trade, reduces the level of sales by 10, and sometimes 100 times. Self-marketing is a word that is unknown to a wide range of is used only by specialists who study this issue.

The essence of self-marketing is the assumption that the product sells itself. The product itself creates a demand for itself, the product itself creates a need for itself, the product itself creates value, the product itself creates profit, no one helps it in this. The product has the ability to create demand for itself, but they are limited, so the demand is created small, on the verge of zero.

Small demand is naturally small sales. You can say that the only marketer for a product in self-marketing is the product itself, which promotes itself. What does it look like in reality? The scheme is quite simple. Someone produces a product, let’s say a smartphone. Then a consumer buys this smartphone and starts using it.

How self-marketing kills sales

In the process of using the smartphone creates positive or negative.emotions. Behind the emotions is always the idea of the product. In the process of using a product, a person comes into contact with the idea of which he is the embodiment. This idea is reflected from the idea of a person and generates emotions. The customer shares their emotions with the people around them.

This is how product marketing is launched. The average person’s usual environment is 20-100 other people. Accordingly, the person who in this case acts as a channel for broadcasting the idea that lies behind the product, broadcasts this idea to 20-100 other people. These 20-100 people analyze emotions and decide whether to let the idea in or not.

If emotions are negative, they are closed from them, do not let the idea of the product into themselves, do not pump it and therefore do not want to implement it. The chain is interrupted. When emotions are positive, people open up to them, are pumped by the idea of a product, they have a desire to implement it. All this generates demand for the product and its sales.

Why professional marketing is needed

In fact, the product itself creates demand for itself. Then the next 20-100 people use the product, they have emotions, they transmit them and the idea behind the product further. This happens until all people recognize the idea and emotions and make one of two decisions: let the idea in and buy the product, or close off the idea and not buy the product.

At first glance, the scheme looks perfect and it seems that professional marketing is not necessary. It is enough just to have a product and find at least one buyer who will have positive emotions and who will thus start a chain of sales. It seems that you don’t need advertising, you don’t need marketing, you don’t need branding, you don’t need PR.

This is the way most businesses operate. However, businesses are not doing as well as they should. So the scheme is not so perfect. The problem with this scheme is that there are hundreds and thousands of products. If there was one product, there would be no problem. The idea launched by the first buyer of the product would have gone through the entire market like a tsunami.

Why professional marketing is important

There are thousands of products, so the launched waves knock each other down. In practice, it all looks very simple. In the morning, a potential buyer meets with the person who bought the smartphone, gets positive emotions from it, and as a result, they have a desire to buy it. Half an hour later, he goes to have coffee with someone who recently bought a new motorcycle.

It is clear that in the process of coffee drinking, he gets a lot of positive emotions about the motorcycle, opens up to the idea, passes it into himself and wants to implement it. The smartphone no longer interests him, the chain is interrupted. At lunch, a potential motorcycle buyer meets with another person who recently returned from a vacation at the sea.

Gets a charge of positive emotions, passes the idea and wants to implement it. The motorcycle does not interest him any more, and the chain is interrupted here. Then during the day, he gets a lot of new emotions, he has a lot of new desires, but at the end of the day, all this is so annoying that the buyer closes off all ideas and thus interrupts all the chains.