Virtual movie theater with GOOVIS headset

Tougher measures to prevent the development of the Covid-19 epidemic have led to the banning of cinemas and major entertainment centers. However, you can save yourself from boredom during the period of forced self-isolation with a device developed by GOOVIS, which specializes in high-tech products related to virtual reality technologies. The GOOVIS Young headset offered […]


External SSD Transcend ESD350C: now twice as fast

External hard disk on NAND 3D TLC flash memory chips, Packed in a lightweight and durable aluminum case, protected by a removable silicone case. What does it look like? The device is the size of a credit card (this comparison does not apply to thickness). It has a USB type-C connector and a tiny led […]


ABBYY Comparator – comparing text documents

The convenient ABBYY Comparator program has long been in high demand in the corporate environment. According to statistics, more than 60% of office workers in different areas use this app for work. Any discrepancy between two copies of the same document may negatively affect the company’s work. This is why the app is considered one […]


What business should a girl open

I am a very sociable lady. Communication is my Forte. I like to communicate with people, I feel great pleasure from it. I read on the Internet that sociability is a useful quality for business. So I thought about starting a business. To find clients, I learned to write a selling commercial offer. However, I […]


Professional marketing as a guarantee of success

Professional marketing is a tool for business development and growth. In turn, Amateur self-marketing-a factor that significantly slows down trade, reduces the level of sales by 10, and sometimes 100 times. Self-marketing is a word that is unknown to a wide range of is used only by specialists who study this issue. The essence […]